Power Plants



Tabiran Co. received accredited certificate of Power Plant Operation & Maintenance from the Ministry of Energy in 2010. By increasing its specialist and technical engineering potentiality in the sector of Operation and Maintenance of Power Plant units in 2013, the above certificate is extended in the sector of Gas, Combined Cycle and Steam Power Plants for 4 years. Good performance of company in Operation and Maintenance of Khoramshahr Gas Power plant leaded us to receive letter of acknowledgment from Iranian Ministry of Energy. The scope of work in Power Plant sector is as following:


1-    Operation, Maintenance and support services  


-          Operation, maintenance and supply of equipment in Khoramshahr Gas Power Plant which includes 6 gas units, 2010-2012.

-          Operation and maintenance of Shahrood Combined Cycle Power Plant which includes 2 gas units, 2012-2013.

-          Commercial Services and Procurement of Shahid Modhej (Zargan) Power Plant in Ahvaz, 2010- 2012


2-   Engineering, Procurement and Construction


Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Test and Operation of gas, combined cycle and steam units are among the company’s activities in the sector of Power Plant constructions. Current projects of the company in this sector include:


-          Steam units of Khoramshahr Combined Cycle Power Plant on EPC basis. The company is at basic and pre-construction activities at the moment.


-          Construction project of Bandar Abbas Combined Cycle Power Plant including 2 combined cycle units (4 gas turbines and 2 steam units) with a capacity of 972 MW located at Persian Gulf Metallic and Mineral Industries Special Economic Zone. Our company is the successful bidder of the EPC tender of this Power Plant.


-           Execution of BOP section of Khoramshahr Gas Power Plant on EPC basis.


Construction Of Electrical BOP Of Khoramshahr Gas Power Plant ( employer : Construction And Development Of Combined Cycle Power Plants - MAPNA MD1 )
Operation And Maintenance (O&M) Of Khoramshahr Gas Power Plant ( employer : Saba Electricity And Power Industries Co. )
Operation And Maintenance (O&M) Of Shahrood Combined Cycle ( employer : Semnan Regional Electric Co. )